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Kingdom State Villas Management has been set up by villa owners to provide the service and standards of which they expect for them selves. The most important thing about a holiday rental property is cleanliness. Villa owners feel safe in the knowledge that their investments are being cared for in the best possible way.

Their office is based amongst the central rental areas. Response times to the many differing villa rental situations are quicker and more effective this way.

Their commitment to the home-owners and guests is second to none. As part of their service, Kingdom State Villas Management have said that they will carry out the points listed below on your behalf:

  • We will provide a property cleaning service after each guest party leaves the home. This includes the laundry of bed linen and towels, the thorough cleaning and sanitation of all bathrooms, the kitchen and the general interior. A check will also be made of the inventory of items and for any damage.
  • We have an excellent lawn care company in place. All grass is cut to the correct height including edging and trimming of all grass areas touching driveways, curbs, flowerbeds, meter boxes, trees and signs etc. Shrub pruning will be carried out as needed. Weeds are removed weekly on a manual or chemical basis. The sprinkler system is set up and regularly checked. Lawns will receive fertilizing and pest control treatments once every 2 months.
  • Interior pest control will be brought in as needed after initial villa set up treatment.
  • Our pool care is also of a high standard. The pool is thoroughly cleaned and given a chemical check. The pool deck and pool furniture is also washed down. This is all done on a weekly basis.
  • The Air Conditioning Unit is checked every month and the filter is changed every 2 months. It has a full service maintenance every 12 months. The settings are checked every time we visit the property.
  • All of our properties will have a door code. This facility means that guests do not need to collect the house keys on their way to the property initially. It also stops the problem of keys being lost/taken home.
  • We will personally visit the property on a regular basis to ensure that it is kept in pristine condition, and to assure you that your villa is in the best care. As well as this, a visit will always be made prior to a new guest arrival.
  • We will assist in the setting up of direct payments for the water, electricity, telephone, and cable TV (and gas if appropriate). We will also obtain the required rental licence.
  • We will leave in the home, a list of contact numbers for the guest - thus making it easy to contact us should the need arise. There will also be a rulebook with a lot of very helpful information for your guests.
  • As and when repairs are necessary, we will arrange for these to be carried out. We will seek the home- owners approval first of course, and if an emergency should ever arise, we will use our discretion in tackling the problem.
  • We will keep in touch with our homeowners as many homeowners feel that they have no control over their property, we want to work as a team, keep you involved at all times. We will answer your queries straight away - either by phone/fax or email - there will be no delay in response.

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